Electromagnetic Designer

Hertzwell Pte Ltd

Our vision is to remove the last barrier for autonomous vehicles with the first 3D imaging radar capable of working in all environmental condition. We’ve built it by using the all weather radar technology from the aerospace industry and miniaturising it to be used on autonomous vehicles. It is not just a sensor, it is a core platform that can enable safe autonomous vehicles on the road. It takes audacious personalities to transform an industry who constantly challenges the status quo everyday.

Job Description and Requirements: 

• Develop new beam steering antenna designs for W-band systems and evaluate using analytical and experimental models.
• Own the complete fabrication process of the antenna and subsystems.
• Gather and analyze production hardware, and give out verified antenna designs to manufacturers.
• Collaborate with RF engineers to implement your own antenna design and solutions in real life.

• Masters or PhD in Electrical engineering or Telecommunications, with at least 3 years experience in relevant industry.
• You have a deep understanding of theory and application in the following areas: electromagnetic waves and radars (you absolutely love antennas!).
• You have experience in developing, fabricating and testing of both single element antenna and arrayed systems.
• Your go to tools are EM commercial solvers such as CST Studio Suite and NI AWR.
• You have a firm grasp of developing analytical models for mm-wave propagation and beam steering antennas.
• And if you can’t live without Python and Matlab!

Job Type: 
Full Time
4000 - 5000 SGD
Closing date: 
Jan 30 2018