#BoT Hackathon

#BoT Hackathon

Date & Time
Saturday, 13 May, 2017 - 08:30 to 20:30
Food and beverages served?
Seminar room
Type of event

Stand to WIN over $5000 worth of prizes!

Push the boundaries of creativity, and explore endless possibilities with an opportunity to build IoT solutions and concepts that have the potential to make a meaningful difference in the world. Bosch is extending this invitation to all students who consider themselves thinkers, makers, or coders.

The first ever Hackathon held in Singapore by Bosch, a multinational engineering and electronics company, here in Singapore, in collaboration with Microsoft, we are looking to help students turn their ideas into reality by providing the necessary tools, platform and support from professionals to create IoT solutions in a Hackathon setting. Register now to be a part of the Bosch IoT experience and future!


The #BoT Challenge


Singapore’s urban landscape has changed rapidly in the last decade. Skyscrapers have replaced old buildings, and are now transforming into Smart buildings. Bosch believes the buildings of tomorrow will be connected and smart – with sensors and software to collect and analyze information to benefit both building owners as well as the people who work, live and play in them.


Part I: Create an IoT solution that makes buildings smarter

Part II: Pitch the solution as a business idea to a panel of judges with the aid of models, prototypes and presentations slides.


Example: Improving energy efficiency for commercial buildings, increase comfort of residential buildings, heightening safety of a building etc.


Event Details

Date: 13th & 14th  May 2017, Saturday & Sunday

Time: 8.30am - 8.30pm (Sat), 8.30am – 7.30pm (Sun)

Venue: NUS Enterprise, Blk 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Level 2



Winning teams walk away with:

 1st Prize: Apple iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 128GB

2nd Prize: Klipsch Groove Portable Bluetooth Speaker

3rd Prize: Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband


* Each member of the winning teams will receive one each!



Participants will have to register for #BoT Hackathon as a team of 4-5 members

  • Participants must be 18 years old and above
  • Each team must have a minimum of 1 member with prior experience in coding/programming.

*Participants must be undergraduates or polytechnic students currently studying in the following educational institutes:

National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore Institute of Technology, UniSIM, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic


Things to note

  1. All teams will require to bring along their own laptop(s).
  2. Lunch, Dinner and snacks for both days will be provided. Please note that breakfast will not be provided.
  3. Staying overnight at the Hackathon venue will not be allowed.
  4. Each team will need to do a 5minute business pitch/presentation of a prototype/deck at the end of the Hackathon.
  5. Top 3 winning teams will be invited to do a 5minute business pitch at Boschville*.

*Boschville is a conference held at Star Gallery on the 16th May 2017, hosting a crowd of 250 participants consisting of government agencies and established firms in the IoT industry.


Structure of Hackathon

13th May

  • 8.30am - 9.00am Registration
  • 9.00am - 9.15am Bosch IoT Hackathon Challenge Brief by Mr. Michael Goh, Director, Smart Connected Solutions
  • 9.15am - 9.30am Rules and Regulations/Introduction to software & hardware
  • 9.30am - 8.00pm Hackathon Commences (Lunch & Dinner)
  • 8.00pm – 8.30pm Packing up for the day

14th May

  • 8.30am – 9.00am Briefing/unpacking
  • 9.00am - 3.00pm Hackathon Commences (Lunch)
  • 3.00pm - 6.00pm Pitching of solution to Bosch Panel of Judges (5min Pitch / 5min Q&A)
  • 6.00pm - 7.00pm Networking Session (Dinner)
  • 7.00pm - 7.30pm Closing and Announcement of top 3 winning teams




  1. What is a Hackathon?

Teams of people from various backgrounds will compete to derive possible solutions from existing problems. The event promises to be an intense and insightful experience which culminates in a series of demonstrations. In other words, it is a creative problem solving event where the best and boldest ideas come to play.

  1. What is #BoT?

Bosch + IoT = #BoT. The title is aligned with the objective of this Hackathon event: Students creating innovative IoT solutions with the aid of Bosch. This year’s theme is making our current buildings even smarter, more comfortable and efficient.

  1. Can I join this Hackathon if I have no prior coding/programming experience?

Of course you can! However, do keep in mind that competition guidelines require one or more team members to have a sufficient grasp of coding/programming. Rest assured that for beginners with no prior experience, there will be mentors on site to guide you. Furthermore, instruction manuals for all equipment will be provided.

  1. What can I expect from #BoT Hackathon?

You will be able to learn about and experiment with the latest technology from Bosch and Microsoft, allowing them to utilize cutting-edge software and hardware. Moreover, you can expect to conceptualize and develop connected products, apps and services during the course of the event. Every group will be equipped with a set of pre-connected hardware kit (sensors, gadgets, wires etc.), access to Bosch IoT Services, Microsoft Azure and exclusive access to support from our IoT experts. Food, beverages and refreshments between meals will be provided.

  1. What is expected of participants of #BoT Hackathon?

All teams will be expected to do a 5mins business pitch/presentation of a prototype/deck at the end of the Hackathon. Copyright violations, cheating, recklessness and endangering others, disrespectful behavior, immoral acts, illegal acts, use of alcohol, tobacco and/or banned substances at the event, being under the influence during the event, etc. are strictly not allowed.

  1. Do I need to have an idea ready before the event?

No, that is not necessary!

Your team is free to brainstorm and note down possible ideas before the event. However, to ensure fairness, any actual programming and the creation of the final product should only be done on the day of the event.

  1. What is the duration of the event? Will I be allowed to stay overnight?

The event open registration on Saturday, 13th May at 8.30am. The Hackathon will continue for the next 12 hours until 8.30pm. All teams will be allowed to leave their WIP solutions and non-valuables at the venue and return the following day to continue from where they left off.

Teams will carry on working on their solutions from 8.30am on Sunday, 14th May till 3.00pm on the second day before pitching commences, and the event will officially end at 7.30pm after the winners have been announced. Please note that teams will not be allowed to stay overnight to ensure fairness and will be given sufficient time to work on their project when they come back the following day.

(Refer to detailed timeline above)

  1. What do I need to bring?

Everyone is to bring their own personal laptops, mobile phones and any other devices with the necessary software. Some extra items to bring will be writing materials, power bank for your mobile phone and jacket. Teams are encouraged to bring their own extra materials such as cardboard, scissors, glue, markers to aid in the building of their prototype/demo.

  1. What resources are available for teams to use?

All teams will have access to electronics prototyping kits that include development boards, a basic sensor package and a basic actuator package. You will also be able to loan additional electronic components from an on-site pop-up store. Hardware access will be limited and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own preferred materials, sensors and tools as well. Wi-Fi is provided and teams may use open source libraries during the Hackathon.

  1. What is the judging criteria for #BoT Hackathon?

Based on the following categories, our judges will assess your solutions.

  • Innovation & Business Potential
  • Originality
  • Technical Difficulty
  • User Interface & Experience
  • Adherence to Theme
  • Quality of Pitch 
  1. Where can I contact the organiser with other questions?

You can direct your questions via email to [email protected].